Acoustement is a sound-absorbing spray-applied plaster similar in application to stucco and traditional three-coat plasters — standard metal or plastic trims and beads can be used and the Acoustement is applied to the desired thickness to achieve optimal acoustic performance. Acoustement can be finished semi-smooth with a knock-down trowel and may be custom pigmented or even painted without loss of acoustic performance.

Acoustement 40 is a Portland cement-based plaster with exfoliated vermiculite that is highly abuse-resistant and can be used in interior or exterior applications and harsh environments such as traffic tunnels, correctional facilities, gymnasiums, and mechanical rooms. Acoustement 40 is designed to spray directly to concrete, steel, and a variety of other substrates.

For interior applications to drywall surfaces, Acoustement Plaster 20/40 is a gypsum-based plaster with exfoliated vermiculite.

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Product Name: Acoustement

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