Clearsorbor Foil

Clearsorbor Foil is a thin micro-perforated sound absorbing foil, offered in Polycarbonate or Class A fire-rated ETFE Teflon. Clearsorbor Foil can be integrated into a variety of installation methods but is typically mounted under tension using a hembar or grommets held taut by springs, or draped in a lapendary fashion.

Clearsorbor Foil is most frequently used in front of windows or skylights to reduce sound reflections or flutter echoes without obscuring views or reducing daylight. The foil is mounted as a single or double layer with 1 to 4 inches between the foil and the reflecting surface (typically glass). Clearsorbor Foil can be transparent, translucent, opaque, or colored.

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Product Name: Clearsorbor Foil

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