Clearsorbor Panel

Clearsorbor Panel is a micro-slotted panel designed to absorb sound in the mid-range (speech) frequencies. Clearsorbor Panel can be integrated into a variety of installation methods but is typically mounted using standoffs or tensioned cable systems. Panels are intended to be mounted with a 1-to-4-inch gap behind the panel.

The clear version of the panel is commonly used in front of windows or skylights to reduce sound reflections or flutter echoes without obscuring views or reducing daylight. Since the panel is 100% fiber-free, it can be installed in humid or wet environments. Clearsorbor Panels are available in clear, frosted, opaque, colored, and even custom printed finishes. There are a variety of micro-slit patterns to choose from; custom patterns can be designed.

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Product Name: Clearsorbor Panel

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