KNP panels are constructed from galvanized steel or aluminum perforated facing, with a powder coat painted finish in made-to-order dimensions. The facing is folded along the vertical edges and is reinforced at each end with solid channels. Each panel is filled with a 2″ thick sound absorber encapsulated in a heat- sealed poly vinyl bag. KNP is offered as a flat- faced panel or with a V-fold patterned face. Panels can be mounted in a variety of ways with Z-clips, top/bottom channels, or offset mountings. KNP is highly durable and can be used indoors or outdoors and in environments requiring resistance to impacts, abrasion, or moisture.

KNP-F (Flat) – 2″ thick

Up to 42″ x 120″ or 114″x48″ standard max.
Up to 54″ x 144″ or 138″x60″ custom oversized max.
KNP-V (V-fold face) – 2-3/4″ thick
Up to 36″ x 120″ or 96″ x 48″ standard max.
Up to 48″ x 144″ or 132″ x 60″ custom oversized max.

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