Perforated Metal Sound Absorption Panel

QuietPerf sound absorbing panels are made from 20-gauge perforated metal and are rated for both indoor and exterior applications. QuietPerf may be installed either vertically or horizontally on walls and ceilings using 16 gauge “Z”, “J”, and “Hat” channel mounting brackets, with concealed mounting brackets available, and optional polyester bag panel fill protection. The panels are also available with polyester powder finish paint in a wide selection of colors, are graffiti resistant, and non-combustible.


4” thick x 14” wide x up to 144” long
3” thick x 16” wide x up to 144” long
2” thick x 18” wide x up to 144” long
Custom sizes available

How do perforated metal sound absorbing panels work?

By perforating thin sheet metal, an acoustically transparent surface is created, allowing the sound absorbing core to do it’s job. The perforations much be sufficient to create an acoustically transparent surface. The perforation requirements are dependent on the thickness of the material, the hole diameter, and the hole spacing. The hole diameter and hole spacing determine the open area of the perforated material.

How effective are perforated metal sound absorbing panels?

The effectiveness of perforated metal sound absorbing panels depends on various factors, including the thickness of the metal, the hole diameter, and the hole spacing, and the properties of the sound absorbing core. Sufficent perforations are required in order for the perforated metal facing to be acoustical transparent enough for the sound absorbing core to do its job. . Generally, properly designed and installed perforated metal sound absorbing panels can provide highly effective acoustical absorption with a high degree of impact resistance.

How do you attach perforated metal sound panels to walls?

The most common attachment method for perforated metals acoustical panels is a metal channel at the top and bottom of the panel. The top channel is typically Z shaped and the bottom channel is typically J shaped.

What are the benefits of perforated metal sound absorbing wall panels?

The benefits of perforated metal sound absorbing wall panels include a high degree of impact resistance, an exterior grade absorber (achieved by encapsulating the acoustical core of the panel, improved acoustics within a room, reduced echo and reverberation, enhanced speech intelligibility, and a more pleasant listening or working environment. These panels can help create a quieter space by absorbing excess noise and preventing sound from bouncing off hard surfaces, leading to better sound quality and increased comfort for applications where high impact resistance and/or exterior-grade absorbers are needed. Typical applications are schools, fitness centers, and exterior mechanical enclosures.

Do perforated metal sound absorbing panels reduce noise?

Yes, like all acoustical panels, perforated metal sound absorbing panels are designed to reduce noise build and reverberation up by absorbing sound.

Are perforated metal acoustical panels suitable for exterior environments?

Yes, perforated metal sound absorbing panels are suitable for exterior environments. The acoustical core can be encapsulated for exterior-grage panels. These panels are frequently used for playgrounds and mechanical equipment enclosures.theaters, offices, classrooms, and restaurants, where controlling sound reflections and enhancing sound quality are essential.

How many perforated metal sound absorbing panels do I need?

The number of perforated metal acoustical panels you need depends on the volume of the room, the other surfaces in the room, and the target reverberation time or degree of speech intelligibility needed for the room. As a general rule of thumb,treating a wall area equal to 50% of the ceiling area with sound absorbing panels will provide an acceptable acoustical environment as long as the room does not have unusually high ceilings. However, for more accurate results, it’s recommended to conduct a room analysis or consult with an acoustic professional to determine the exact quantity and optimal placement of the panels based on your room’s specific needs.

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