Perforated Acoustical Drywall

Vogl is a perforated, seamless sound-absorbing gypsum board system for ceilings or walls. Panels are 1/2″ thick and offered in a variety of standard perforation patterns. Vogl boards install similarly to regular drywall, mechanically fastened directly to framing, furring channels, or suspended grid systems. Once joints are treated, the Vogl panels may be painted with a roll applicator. Sound absorption performance depends upon the specific perforation pattern and mounting conditions. Typical NRC values range from 0.55 to 0.85.

How does Vogl perforated drywall work acoustically?

Perforating drywall allows sound to penetrate thru the material and get absorbed rather than reflected back into the room. Vogl utilizes a special fleece on the back of the panel that absorbs sound. The sound absorption performance can be boosted by adding additional absorption behind the panel such as a fiberglass, mineral wool, cotton, or polyester blanket.

Where is Vogl perforated drywall typically used?

Vogl is used in interior environments to control reverberation, reduce noise, and improve speech intelligibility. Vogl can be used on ceilings or walls. Vogl is a popular decorative material for restaurants, classrooms, airports, lobbies, offices, meeting rooms, lecture halls, or any other material requiring acoustical conditioning.

How is Vogl perforated drywall installed?

Vogl perforated drywall is installed directly to whatever framing is available – suspended drywall grid, joists, studs, etc. If installing to a flat surface, then wood furring or metal hat channel is typically used to space the panel off the mounting surface. In order to perform acoustically there needs to be a small air space behind the board. Joints between panels are treated with manufacturer supplied tape and screw holes are filled with manufacturer supplied filler. After joints and screw holes are treated, the boards are roll painted.

Can perforated drywall be painted?

Perforated drywall can be painted with a roller. Spray-applied painting should be avoided as it will clog the perforations and reduce the sound absorbing performance.

Will perforated drywall block sound?

No. Vogl perforated drywall is designed to absorb sound within a room. Because the material is perforated, it will not prevent sound from transmitting through the material.

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