June 25, 2020

Pink Acoustement at The Webster

Sir David Adjaye OBE utilized pink-tinted Acoustement acoustical plaster and concrete to form a “tough and gentle” store in Los Angeles for fashion retailer The Webster, which marks the British-Ghanaian architect’s first project in California.

Acoustement acoustical plaster was installed on the upper walls and ceiling and carries through seamlessly to the exterior facade to provide a monolithic finish. Acoustement was integrally pigmented to match the poured concrete lower walls and knocked down for a semi-smooth troweled finish. The project was artfully installed by Martin Bros.

“In the past five years I’ve started to work with a lot of saturated red and pink hues, which extends back to the early color experiments I did at the beginning of my career,” says David Adjaye OBE, founder of Adjaye Associates. “Pink felt like fashion, but I wanted to make something that was tough and gentle at the same time.”

The sound-absorbing properties of Acoustement softens the sonic experience of the space. Because Acoustement is a spray-applied finish, it can easily conform to the undulating forms of the interior walls, which curate a variety of sculptural experiences as you move through the store.

Acoustement is a versatile spray-applied acoustical plaster finish that can be installed indoors or outdoors. The Portland cement version of the product is highly abuse-resistant and has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is used in a wide variety of project applications such as subway stations, lobbies, correctional facilities, gymnasiums and natatoriums, retail, schools, offices, and more!

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The Webster was featured on the cover of the April 2020 edition of Metropolis Magazine.

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