The FLM neoprene/load-bearing fiberglass floor mount is a jack-up concrete floating floor isolator. The assembly comprises a cast-iron housing with integral shoulders for rebar support, an internal neoprene or fiberglass isolator, and a lifting/leveling screw.

FLM housings are spaced in a grid to support rebar for an isolated slab. Once concrete is poured and fully cured, the isolated slab is lifted by slowly turning the center lifting screw to create the desired height or air space.

FLM isolators are sold with project-specific shop drawings that detail the isolator layout, rebar, isolator performance and deflections, seismic restraint, and installation sequencing. Acousthetics offers an optional service to have the shop drawings fully engineered and signed/stamped by a state-licensed third-party structural engineer.

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Product Name: FLM

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