KDC-E-162 is a viscoelastic damping compound used to damp or eliminate ringing noise caused by vibrating metal and hard non-metallic surfaces. It is commonly used on metal studs, metal stairs, ductwork, trash chutes, steel doors, and other metal structures.

KDC-E-162 damping compound is easily troweled or air sprayed onto a clean surface. It has a consistency equivalent to sprayable loose paste and does not require extensive stirring or mixing or the addition of thickening agents prior to its usage. When sprayed, KDC-E-162 provides a tough, flexible, attractive, and non-abrasive stipple effect having a light tan finish. For outdoor applications, the damping compound can be painted with enamel or epoxy-type paints for color matching or to provide additional protection.

KDC-E-162 damping compound has low flame-spread and smoke-generating properties as tested under ASTM-D635-63 and ASTM-E-162, and is resistant to most commonly used acids, alkalies, and solvents.

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Product Name: KDC-E-162

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