Shock Absorbing Floor Isolator

MetaWrx is a new class of isolator designed by HyperDamping, Inc. and is offered exclusively by Kinetics. MetaWrx exploits an integrative structural-material design to maximize damping of shock and vibration loads. The MetaWrx isolator leverages principles of structural engineering to convert the applied transverse loads to lateral bending and stretching of the beam network, thus maximizing damping for enhanced transmission loss and minimal residual vibration on the surface of applied load.

MetaWrx is ideal when both transmitted noise and reflected vibration must be suppressed, including fitness facilities, dance studios, performing spaces, and other facilities using lightweight low-profile floor build-ups. MetaWrx is high load bearing, has a low compression set, and its slim construction helps to maintain desired floor/ceiling height while still meeting building code criteria.

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Product Name: MetaWrx

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