STC Rated Bi-Parting Folding Door

QuietFold Bi-Parting doors are ideal for large openings requiring a high degree of acoustic separation. The doors are available in single-leaf, double-lead, and bi-fold designs with 4- or 6-hinge leaves, and the doors are mounted to the jambs only. Both sides can be fully opened with minimal floor space being occupied, and any combination of one, two, or all leaves can be opened for flexibility of operation. The door includes custom cam-lift hinges, which eliminates the need for a threshold in most applications, and an adjustable mortised bottom seal which allows the door to adapt to site floor conditions.

2.5” thick doors yield an acoustical performance up to STC 52 and 3.5” thickness is tested up to STC 56.

QuietFold Bi-Parting doors are easy to operate, ADA compliant and all door and frame components are pre-hung and tested as a complete assembly prior to shipment. Optional features include factory applied wood veneer or powder paint finish.

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Product Name: QuietFold

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