QuietSwing is a series of high-performing sound-rated doors that are completely pre-hung and assembled in the factory, with integral seal sets and cam lift hinges. QuietSwing is available as single-leaf, double-leaf, or bi-folding designs, with or without glazing, and in oversized formats.

2.5″ thick door leaves yield acoustical ratings up to STC-52; 3.5″ thick door leaves up to STC-56; and a 5″ thick leaf is tested up to STC-64.

QuietSwing doors are now available with a new state-of-the-art “EZ Open” compression seal that is designed to give a tiny push to help open the door and disengage the magnetic seals once the door latch is retracted. This reduces the force needed to unseal the door, making these doors much easier to open.

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Product Name: QuietSwing

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