RIM is a high-performance roll-out floor isolation system that is easy to install. Each roll of RIM consists of a fiberglass blanket with KIP isolators pre-spaced in the blanket. Once the RIM is rolled-out, contractors can quickly begin adding plywood floor layers or plywood as a pouring form for concrete.

The KIP isolation pad is at the core of RIM’s acoustic performance. KIP isolators provide consistent sound isolation performance over variable loading situations. KIP pads are available in different sizes, densities, and spacings to accommodate even the most challenging project conditions.

RIM is sold with project-specific shop drawings that detail the isolator layout, isolator performance and deflections, seismic restraint, and installation sequencing. Acousthetics offers an optional service to have the shop drawings fully engineered and signed/stamped by a state-licensed third-party structural engineer.

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Product Name: RIM

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